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Born 1952 in Liverpool, studied architecture at Liverpool Polytechnic and is a member of the Royal Institute of British  Architects.

Since qualifying as an architect in 1982, he spent a period of five years working in America returning to UK in 1990, and settling in Oxford. During his time in America, living in Los Angeles, he established a reputation as a water colourist selling his paintings through National Heritage Gallery in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills owned by Gene Autrey and Burt Reynolds.

Greater succes however was achieved after relocation to Boston Massachusetts, through several galleries in the prestigious Newbury Street District. Paintings at that time included equestrian subjects principally scenes of polo matches, which attracted commissioned works from the Myopia Hunt Club, the Boston equivalent to Royal Windsor.

Though it is painting buildings which is his passion, helped by his knowledge of architecture, he arranges his paintings to capture the true form and character of his subject, accurately proportioned and skilfully rendered to express textural qualities of the building fabric. His paintings of Oxford University typically express these qualities and are currently distributed ( in original watercolours through Covered Arts in Oxford)

Hi is fellow of the Society of Architect artists, an associate member of the Guild of Railway Artists and was exhibited works in the RI exhibition  to the Mall Galleries in London. He is available for commissioned works. 

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