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Martin Stuart Moore

Stuart became fascinated with cityscape when he studied town planning back in the 60’s. After twenty years in his chosen profession he gave it all up and started taking commissions for house portraits. One client asked him to include several buildings in a town which led to the start of his townscapes and later cityscapes. The combination of capriccio style and the elevated viewpoint influenced by Canaletto and Di Guardi led to him penning the term ‘panoriccio’. His style developed in the 1990’s as he tried larger urban areas like Liverpool and culminating in his first London (five were to follow).

Having amassed photos, reference books and walked the city streets, Stuart’s composes on the drawing board in pencil without use of the computer. He always tries to reflect a city’s geography and eventually creates his own version of the place adding ink and watercolour. In the 30 years since he started, his unusual prints have proved very popular, with a ‘Manchester’ being hung in Buckingham Palace in 1994 and Prince Charles collecting a ‘Chester’. In 2007 and 2009 his work was successful in reaching the final exhibition of the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition. His latest work ‘Memories of Liverpool II’ was on the drawing board for five years!

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