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Artist Nick Hugh McCann was born in Merseyside and has close ties with the area. He went on to study at Falmouth School of Art and graduated from the Slade School of Fine Arts in London.

After a long television and film career (including a two year spell on Channel 4's Brookside in Liverpool), he has recently begun painting full time. Combining a sense of mischief, humour and the glamour of celebrity with the art of the historic masters, his images can be challenging, entertaining and sometimes controversial.

These two lifesize paintings were acquired recently by a private collector in Liverpool: Stefanus Gerrardus (as Italian master Caravaggio might have pictured Steven Gerrard) and The Duchess of Liverpool - or Omnia circum me versantur, Carissima - literally translated in Latin as, "It's all about me, Darling".

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