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'The Albert Dock and Pier Head '

Artist: Eli Pascall-Willis
Price: £49.99
Size: 40 x 25 cm
Medium: Giclee Print
Limited edition of 150

The Albert Dock and Pier Head at Night

The Albert Dock and Pier Head at Night, Liverpool

Eli Pascall-Willis is a professional landscape photographer born in Wales and now based in Liverpool. Eli can be found taking images of seascapes, mountains and rolling hills. He also enjoys the architectural landscape and was the proud winner of an architectural competition set in Liverpool. He has had the pleasure of being included in the critically acclaimed book "Working the Light" and recentlyhas been included in the follow up book "Developing Vision and Style".
Like most photographers he enjoys the special qualities of light seen at either end of the day,...."I enjoy more than anything being at a peaceful location either before dawn or with the final hours of daylight, away from the stresses of everyday life, absorbing the quietness or the drama of a place. Although most days a blanket of cloud frustratingly blocks the best light, it is those special moments that influence me to continue to visit locations and hopefully capture and share them".

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